Primary Mental Health Services

Community mental health services refer to the integrated services that deal specifically with people who suffer from mental illnesses. These community mental health services can be provided by a number of organizations and agencies, either governmental or non-governmental. They address the specific needs of the local community in terms of addressing the prevention and treatment of mental illnesses. They also provide courses and information on how to cope with the symptoms of mental health problems.

Community mental health services offer two basic types of service - psychiatric acute care and community preventive care. The scope of psychiatric, acute care is broad and covers a wide variety of medical issues, which are usually acute in nature. These include patients who require immediate psychiatric treatment because of extreme emotional, psychological or physical stress. For instance, an acute patient might require medication to deal with anxiety and depression or to overcome drug abuse. There are many forms of psychiatric emergency care, which might require hospitalization and specialized monitoring by psychiatrists or psychologists. Such services are available for people of all ages, including children. See more here about the best mental health services.

On the other hand, community preventive care deals with preventing the onset of mental disorders through efforts aimed at teaching the general public about mental disorders, their symptoms and how they can be prevented. It aims to promote awareness and response to mental health disorders at the primary level. Amongst the services offered under the primary healthcare system are community service programs, primary healthcare guidelines, community health promotion programs and family services. Find the excellent mental health services.

There are several private organizations that provide community mental health services in the form of primary healthcare programs and case management services. These service providers work in collaboration with psychiatrists and psychologists working in a mental health center. Primary care agencies provide direct treatment to the patients. They may refer the patients to psychiatrists or psychologists in the absence of a referral from the family doctor. Family doctors often refer their patients to such organizations when required.

The case management program is designed to give immediate assistance to patients who may have serious mental disorders. The service providers have a team of specialist physicians and mental disorder specialists. The primary function of the case management team is to coordinate treatment with the patients according to the agreed treatment plan. All service providers follow standards set by the National Association of State Mental Health Program. In addition, these agencies provide quality monitoring and feedback systems to ensure quality of services.

Another type of primary health care agency is the community-based primary health care setting. These organizations provide diagnosis and care at the local level. Many such settings are also home to a school serving low-income and minority families. Other providers can be found in long-term care centers or in retirement communities. These facilities offer a variety of long-term, short-term, residential, acute care and community-based services to patients with long-term, acute health problems. Education is a never ending process, so continue reading here:

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